Makeup musts for winter: 2021


1. Hydrated Skin, Glowing Complexion:

The winter chill can be harsh on the skin, making hydration a top priority. Start your makeup routine with a moisturizing primer or a hydrating mist to create a smooth canvas. Opt for a radiant-finish foundation or BB cream to achieve a natural, dewy glow. Consider incorporating a luminous liquid highlighter to accentuate your cheekbones and impart a healthy, lit-from-within radiance. 

2. Bold, Dramatic Eyes:

Winter is the perfect time to play up your eyes with bold, dramatic looks. Experiment with rich, jewel-toned eyeshadows like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. Smokey eyes with hints of shimmer or metallic shades can add a touch of glamour to your winter makeup. Don’t forget to define your lashes with volumizing mascara or opt for false lashes to create a mesmerizing gaze.

3. Statement Lips:

Make a statement with your lips by embracing bold and vibrant lip colors. Classic reds, deep berries, and warm terracotta shades are popular choices for winter. Consider using a lip primer to ensure your lip color stays put, and opt for long-lasting, hydrating lip formulas to combat the drying effects of the cold weather.

4.Flushed Cheeks:

A healthy flush on the cheeks can instantly brighten up your winter look. Reach for cream blushes in soft pinks or rosy tones to create a natural, flushed appearance. Blend the blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend it slightly upward for a youthful, fresh-faced glow.2. 3. Sample quote

5. Embrace Earthy, Natural Tones:

Incorporate earthy, natural tones into your makeup looks to complement the winter landscape. Consider using warm, neutral eyeshadows for a soft and versatile day look. For a more enchanting nighttime appearance, embrace earthy metallic shades to add a touch of winter magic.

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